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Visiting Milan Italy

“When life gives you twists and turns, chique yourself up in ITALY!- Barbara Cornelli. ” Where do broken hearts go? but hey! I’m not broken-hearted. In fact, I’m already engaged. I love him to bits! Anyway, moving on to the first part of my #italyventure. It was my first travel to Europe and I can say it was one of the best places I’ve been too. It happened last January 16, 2016 when I explored Italy for the first time. I know this is such a late blog post but hey! I’m trying to catch up with you guys. I wasn’t certain if I will be granted visa that time but luckily I have a very good friend of mine who is willing to sponsor my accommodation to lived in their apartment in Italy. She was my nursing classmate back then in college. We were in the same group and quiet share good times together. They migrated in Milan, Italy after she passed the local board exam. However, I don’t think the invitation was the only reason I was granted visa. I have been to different places in Asia and adding to that I’m an Overseas Filipino Worker. Applying for schengen visa is easy. You only have to keep this two things in mind. You should travel first in other countries and have enough funds to support your travel expenses. I will post a separate blog entry about how to apply for schengen visa.

(via Lufthansa Airline. Review of Lufthansa airline to follow)

Back to my Italy trip, I’m fully decided that I will visit Europe before I settle down. Europe is part of my bucket list and for that dream to come true, a schengen visa is all I need. I’m so scared to apply for a visa that time, but since my workmate was a frequent schengen traveler, I ask him for some tips. My first day in Milan Italy was really tiring and yet so exciting. I arrived in the morning at Milano international airport and I took some rest in their apartment.

                                                                       (Marilen fetch me up from the airport)

(streets of Milan)

(Tram transportation in Milan)

In that afternoon, her twin sister brought me in Duomo, Cathedral located in the heart of the city. We took the metro and tram to be in that location. In 1386, they started the construction and it took 6th centuries to finished the beautiful gothic cathedral, completed only in 1965. They said it was the third largest basilica in the world. There are so many tourist and different nationalities. I’m quite certain that Chinese and Japanese are the largest populations of travelers in Europe. I’ve seen them in each corner.


Next stop is the Fontana di piazza castello , It is just a few walk from the duomo cathedral. I guess it’s better to visit the place in the daylight since I don’t think there is enough room for good light photography in the area. Although the fountain had some lights, the castelo sforzesco is still looked dark. Access to the castle is for free from 7am to 19:30pm. If you want to visit the museum it’s open from 9am to 17:30pm (Tues-Sund) closed on mondays. Admission ticket is only for 5Euro. For more info visit MILANO CASTELLO OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Sadly, I wasn’t able to visit the inside of the castle since it’s already late at night when we visit the place.

The twin sister of my friend also introduced me for the first time with their very well known ice cream the “gellato”. It is really good! like I really loved it. She told me that even it’s freezing cold in Europe still, it’s best to grab gelatto because it will make your body immune to winter while walking around the city. Hmm.. sounds interesting huh?.



While walking with gellato, we also visited the place called Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. OMG! this place is the sacred havens of all the luxury brands in the world. We know that Milan Italy is one of the fashion capitals along with Paris, New York and London. All the designer’s brands are here and I was so overwhelmed by how people really can afford those luxurious brands which I only own a few. Like I said, most of the frequent shoppers are Chinese and Japanese. Rich people! Indeed.


Also, don’t you miss out stepping into this called “Torino’s bull” or also called Milan’s bull hole. There is a saying that you need to go around for  360 degrees and squeeze yourself in the hole for good luck. Tradition says that wishes do come true for people who put a heel over the hole or the genitals of the bull. Other locals claim that sex life will increase. No matter what is the reason behind the tradition it’s still a must to experiene going round and round into this small hole and take some photos of the place.



We also passed by to some other known monument around the area. I really appreciate the beauty of the city and now I realized why it’s called one of the fashion center of the world.

(Monument to Victor Emmanuel II)


Overall Milan is really a beautiful place to visit and something to check of in your bucket list. Happy travel guys!


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