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Vacay time. Philippines

Yes! Finally after one year, it’s time to visit my hometown Philippines again. I’m quite busy nowadays packing up my things, jotting down my to-do-list so for me not to forget anything. I’m quite OC when it comes to packing and making it sure that I bring all my stuffs and as in “double check talaga”. I have memory impairment haha what I mean is I’m “ulyanin” so because I know that I’m like that, I try to compensate. Alright, so because I’m going to stay in the Philippines for 45 days, I have to bring pasalubong for my family and friends. The first week of March, I sent 2 boxes of cargo in the Philippines where all pasalubongs are there except for the chocolates which I will bring with me. Now I’m printing my OEC online which is needed for Balik manggagawa in the Philippines. Without this, you can’t go back to your work.

For all the OFW’s you can print your OEC through online by visiting BMONLINE¬†either you acquire a new OEC or you will be exempted. For all the new registrant, you can sign up at the website and just print a copy of your OEC whether you are in your home or at the office.

Back again, my luggage were all prepared since Saudi airline is allowing us to bring 23×23 kilos plus 10kg hand carry. What a deal right?. You can also have the same amount of kilos for the following airlines: Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Cathay Pacific and just to make it sure always ask your nearest ticketing agent. I always recommend that you choose an airline that can accommodate 2 heavy luggage since I know you want to bring pasalubong for your family.

I can’t wait and few more days to go it’s time to fly :)


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