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My vacation to Philippines is coming soon. I don’t have yet enough pasalubong to bring for my relatives because my time at work is interfering my time to do shopping. Every 6 months I visit the Philippines for a short stay vacation. Why short stay? because I divide the allotted leave of absence in two. I also visit my family just to stay out from the work for a bit time, because you know our work as nurses are quite stressful. It’s not also cheaper to go back and forth to Philippines, though every year we have free ticket going to our homeland, still if you want to be out from your work every 6 months, you need to pay your other ticket by yourself. It’s also stressful to think for pasalubong since I do know that friends and relatives expects us OFW to bring something for them. So actually vacation is really not that easy thing to do, though the feeling of happiness being with your family is worth the stress after all.

So if your planning to go on a vacation wherever you are, I have listed some of the important things that you may need or not need to bring with you. If it’s your hometown, I’m quite sure that everything is in there right across the store or groceries. You knew it for sure. However if it’s not your place and your going to travel in a place where you don’t know if some stuffs are available, then better bring some spares with you. It’s better to be ready that sorry.

1. Your Passport (International Travel) no need for (domestic flights) unless you are an alien of the country.

2. Flight tickets and boarding passage plus your itinerary. You don’t want to be left by the plane because of losing your tickets right? also going to a new place is quite scary so you must have your itinerary or maps with you. You should know where you go.

3. Check the kilos of your luggage ( Do not excess or you will pay for the extra kilos). This is so inconvenient especially if you don’t have enough cash. Always weight your luggage before checking in.

4. Wallet, Cash, Debit Card, Credit Cards, and Identification (Identity document)- It is so important that you have the right cash with you and your ID which is a must that everyone should have.

5. Comfortable clothes (Assorted). The weather of some place change from time to time so it’s better to bring some mixed clothes with you. Don’t forget your undies and bras for females and boxers for males.

5. Napkins. Just in case that by chance that it is your calendar date of menstrual period, at least your save by the bell. You don’t want to have red alert on your back, don’t you?

6. Iron straight hair, blower and Curler. This is optional but I guess this is a must for a traveler that wants her hair to be fixed the whole day. We don’t want bad hairs during picture taking are we?

7. Make ups (Foundation, Blush-on, lipstick, Mascara, Eyeshadow, Concealer, Eyeliner etc.) You know girls that having a presentable face on public makes you look decent and professional. You don’t want to overdo it by applying heavy make ups. Just a few make up will do, so that to lighten up your face. I do still believe that simplicity is beauty with the small help of make up. We don’t want to look anemic in public.

8. Mobile Phones- Before you travel make it sure that you let someone to know which place are you going. Leave them your phone number just in case and contact number of a person that you will be with. It is a mandatory that a person who is close to you must know this information because in any case that there is an emergency and I hope that there is none. This close person to you can reach you at any time. Don’t forget to charge your phone the whole night before you leave the house.

9. Powerbank- I think this is now really a must. This is not just for technology sake. This will help you to stay charge all time so that there is no way that no one can reach you.

10. Keys- Your keys from your house must be with you. You don’t want to locked up yourself outside and stays there for the whole time.

I think that’s just it for now. I will show you next time on how to plan your travel ahead of time. This is going to be an exciting because travelling is really my favourite.

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