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Topshop on it’s crazy selected sale items

Topshop is one of my favorite high-street brand because of it stylish and unique clothing design. It is a high fashion for the “young and different generation”. One funny controversies is that Topshop are using tall and skinny mannequins, which leads to some protest in USA and UK. Ok.. that is because to some extend it is like you should be sexy enough to wear their clothes, which is a bit offensive to some. I guess they don’t really intend to hurt their feelings because Topshop is not the only one clothing brand, that is using a sexy mannequins right? River-Island is also using a sexy mannequins. So I don’t see a good argument on that. However Victoria Secrets models are also skinny right? I guess that’s how all clothing line works.

Now going back to my point. I’ve been to Topshop lastime and I couldn’t get enough with their sales. Yes! because the price is so unbelievable. Let me tell you why.


black and white stripes dress

Original Price: SAR: 175, USD 47, Php 2171.47

Now: SAR 10, USD 3, Php 125.00


Black ring with stone

Original Price: SAR: 50, USD 15, Php 625.00

Now: SAR 10, USD 3, Php 125.00


IMG_4024 Fish like Necklase Original Price: SAR: 95, USD 27, Php 1,180 Now: SAR 10, USD 3, Php 125.00     And my favorite of all is—– tantanan!  

IMG_4021IMG_4022 Wedge like brown sandals Original Price: SAR: 250, USD 67, Php 3,105 Now: SAR 29, USD 8, Php 361.00 OMG! That is really a crazzzzyy price ever by Topshop! You know topshop is really expensive brand and few people like to shop here. Like I said it’s a hight street fashion which is not your ordinary H&M. You pay for the image and perception of the people. In short you pay for the brand. But I must said that “I got lucky!” all I got are worth it!. Like a sandal that cost 3,000 in pesos? and now only cost 361? that is really crazy!      

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