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The Sunday Currently: Volume 1

Sunday blues. To some of you sunday means rest day and family bonding but for me sunday means back to work. Gawd! I feel like I need a break again. I know I just came from vacation last april but that 45 days isn’t rest vacay. I also don’t get enough sleep. My panda eyes is getting worse and I don’t like to do facetime with archie because of it. kidding.


I’m trying to finish this book of Alexandra Potter “Going Lala”.

I’m eating the left over spaghetti in my fridge. I cooked sinigang na hipon and afritada for baon today and for the next day.

A bit confused in my plans in life. I guess this is because I’m in the mid-20th age crisis.

Titanium. There is something about this song that everyone should have in their playlist. Stay strong no matter what.

I’m blogging. Trying to put things into writing again. I miss that.

Why time is always the issue in the relationship? Compromise. That’s it.

I need to go back to sleep. In my sleep I can stop the world. #hugot

I got a diamond ring in my finger and a diamond in my neck. (Play the song: Shine like a diamond by rihanna in the background). Yeah I spend thousand of box for this. I sweat a lot and work hard for it. Sa wakas! This is not for vanity. This is what we called “investment”.

Have a great weekend ahead of you guys.

I’m also up to whatever your doing on sunday. Share your thoughts. Join her The sunday currently Siddathornton

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