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    The Sunday Currently: Volume 2


    I’m not a novice in blogging, though my blog is a few months old. I am thinking to sync or export my blog entries from my old blog to here. Then I just realised a new blog means a new story to tell. Let’s just leave everything behind in the past and just move on. I missed a lot of sundays there!

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    China Town and Universal Studios Singapore: Day 2


    As promise here’s the second part of my Singapore’s Travel blog. Singapore is just a small country but mind you they have the largest tourist attraction and fast growing economy. Oh well enough of that introduction, I’m not here to tell you the history of singapore (though I love history lol), so yeah! Me and my friend Donna, walk up at around 6:00 in the morning. We took a shower and have our free breakfast at 5footwayproject.inn at Clarke Quay. We left the dormitory at around 7:30am and we took the near train station Clarke quay violet lane(NEL- North East line) going to China Town which is only 1 station away from us. Continue Reading

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    A glimpse of Singapore: First day



    I’ve always wanted to travel around asia since I’ve been traveling in the middle east part already. I wanted to see what made me Filipino different from the other asian cultures. I wanted to see how they live and of course trying their foods and exploring their famous places. One in my bucket list is Singapore. They said Singapore is one of the cleanest country that you can be proud of. It’s not just a rumour but it’s the truth. The country is very strict in their policies and of course who would like to pay 1000 Singaporean dollars that is equivalent to 721.06 US dollars as of today. That is way too much for a simple candy wrapper, so it’s no harmed to follow the rules right?.

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    50 things about me



    (Photo taken in Aqaba Beach Jordan, November 2012)
    Hey guys! I know I’m maybe unknown creature to you. Like as if you care to know about me. But let me tell you the uninteresting things about the writer of this blog which is me (you don’t have a choice). Some of you might say “d’hell? why 50? that’s too much”. Well basically I also had no idea why I have to describe myself to you in 50. Now that’s introduction is starting to bored you eh? let’s get it on!

    1. I love archie.

    2. I’m weird. I talk to myself all the time and argue with the second me inside. I have to discussed things to my other half and if we both agree then will do it. Otherwise nothing will be done.

    3. I always look to someones outfit and if I got a chance, I will try to see what brand he/she is wearing. By then I will know what is their fashion statement.

    4. I love watching horror movies alone. I don’t make awkward screaming like other girls. I composed myself every time I feel like the ghost will come out anytime soon.

    5. I’m boyish at heart. I love boy stuffs. I do support guys playing computer games, watching basketball and baseball. I don’t argue with whatever hobbies they have in life.

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    The Sunday Currently: Volume 1

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    Sunday blues. To some of you sunday means rest day and family bonding but for me sunday means back to work. Gawd! I feel like I need a break again. I know I just came from vacation last april but that 45 days isn’t rest vacay. I also don’t get enough sleep. My panda eyes is getting worse and I don’t like to do facetime with archie because of it. kidding.


    I’m trying to finish this book of Alexandra Potter “Going Lala”.

    I’m eating the left over spaghetti in my fridge. I cooked sinigang na hipon and afritada for baon today and for the next day.

    A bit confused in my plans in life. I guess this is because I’m in the mid-20th age crisis.

    Titanium. There is something about this song that everyone should have in their playlist. Stay strong no matter what.

    I’m blogging. Trying to put things into writing again. I miss that.

    Why time is always the issue in the relationship? Compromise. That’s it.

    I need to go back to sleep. In my sleep I can stop the world. #hugot

    I got a diamond ring in my finger and a diamond in my neck. (Play the song: Shine like a diamond by rihanna in the background). Yeah I spend thousand of box for this. I sweat a lot and work hard for it. Sa wakas! This is not for vanity. This is what we called “investment”.

    Have a great weekend ahead of you guys.

    I’m also up to whatever your doing on sunday. Share your thoughts. Join her The sunday currently Siddathornton