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    50 things about me



    (Photo taken in Aqaba Beach Jordan, November 2012)
    Hey guys! I know I’m maybe unknown creature to you. Like as if you care to know about me. But let me tell you the uninteresting things about the writer of this blog which is me (you don’t have a choice). Some of you might say “d’hell? why 50? that’s too much”. Well basically I also had no idea why I have to describe myself to you in 50. Now that’s introduction is starting to bored you eh? let’s get it on!

    1. I love archie.

    2. I’m weird. I talk to myself all the time and argue with the second me inside. I have to discussed things to my other half and if we both agree then will do it. Otherwise nothing will be done.

    3. I always look to someones outfit and if I got a chance, I will try to see what brand he/she is wearing. By then I will know what is their fashion statement.

    4. I love watching horror movies alone. I don’t make awkward screaming like other girls. I composed myself every time I feel like the ghost will come out anytime soon.

    5. I’m boyish at heart. I love boy stuffs. I do support guys playing computer games, watching basketball and baseball. I don’t argue with whatever hobbies they have in life.

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    The Sunday Currently: Volume 1

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    Sunday blues. To some of you sunday means rest day and family bonding but for me sunday means back to work. Gawd! I feel like I need a break again. I know I just came from vacation last april but that 45 days isn’t rest vacay. I also don’t get enough sleep. My panda eyes is getting worse and I don’t like to do facetime with archie because of it. kidding.


    I’m trying to finish this book of Alexandra Potter “Going Lala”.

    I’m eating the left over spaghetti in my fridge. I cooked sinigang na hipon and afritada for baon today and for the next day.

    A bit confused in my plans in life. I guess this is because I’m in the mid-20th age crisis.

    Titanium. There is something about this song that everyone should have in their playlist. Stay strong no matter what.

    I’m blogging. Trying to put things into writing again. I miss that.

    Why time is always the issue in the relationship? Compromise. That’s it.

    I need to go back to sleep. In my sleep I can stop the world. #hugot

    I got a diamond ring in my finger and a diamond in my neck. (Play the song: Shine like a diamond by rihanna in the background). Yeah I spend thousand of box for this. I sweat a lot and work hard for it. Sa wakas! This is not for vanity. This is what we called “investment”.

    Have a great weekend ahead of you guys.

    I’m also up to whatever your doing on sunday. Share your thoughts. Join her The sunday currently Siddathornton

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    Lost and Found

    Lost. That’s how I called it.
    In your arms where I found peace
    the longing of your embrace
    I couldn’t resist.

    Lost. Is such a lovely word.
    If thats how I define the world
    it is simply you my love
    end of story.

    Lost. I wanted it to be like that.
    If it means loving you each day
    then losing myself with you
    is all I will ever be and I don’t want to be found.

    (Photo taken: From my Egypt Travel last December 2014)


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    Learn how to make your own itinerary.

    IMG_1304Hey it’s already July! I can’t believe how fast the month was. I was not able to update this blog due to my travels and workload. It’s too sad I can’t manage to update my blog often, however I’ll try to keep up with you guys. I just wan’t to say that I’m back from work and I really had fun travelling to places. As promise I will help you to become a better traveler. I myself is not a newbie in travelling since I’ve been travelling at the age of 22 years old. So I will try my best to give the best information to places I’ve been to.

    Last week, a friend of mine send me a message on how to go to Jordan. Like not all of you know, I work there for 2.8 years as a nurse. I really had a memorable experience working there. He is asking me if I can make an itinerary on how to visit the place. However that is easy to say but hard to do. Why? I myself can’t even update this blog often so how I can make one for him right? so what I will do now is to try my best to make a complete set of itinerary per country I’m visiting. So check it out for that. You might be interested to learn how easy to make one for yourself and not even asking me to do it for you lol. Traveling is easy making your plans is the hardest part. You really need to pay attention and learn how to use the technology and ofcourse the GOOGLE MAP.

    So just sit there and relax. I’ll see you around very soon.

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    27 Things to do before you settle down


    I saw this video over my facebook account and shared it through my friends. I think the video itself encourage us to face our dreams before we settle down to someone. It’s true that when you get married there are limits and responsibility to build up with your husband and children. So before you get tied up, make it sure at least you made this 27 things. I’m proud to say that in my 27 years of my life, I made this 27 things.

    Video courtesy of Buzzfeedyellow

    1. Travel with your bffs

    Yes! I’ve been to Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, Abu dhabi, Al khobar with my friends. It’s one great experience to share the laugh and be amazed how extraordinary the other countries are.

    2. Learn to cook

    Omg! I learned how to cooked the time when I started to live my life independently and work abroad. And I’m proud to say that I cooked so well and it’s edible.

    3. Be financial independent

    I never asked money to my parents for financial support after I landed my first job in Jordan. I’m earning and have my own savings account.

    4. Face one of your biggest fear

    Take a risk in life. I’m not really a risk taker but life is full of suprises so when I was offered to work abroad, I grab the chance without knowing what futures hold.

    5. Live alone

    I’m living in a small condo apartment alone. I have my own kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. It’s hard to adjust at first but hey! it’s not that hard.

    6. Accomplish a goal

    I graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Registered Nurse.

    7. Find your drink of choice.

    I tried Jack Daniel and Bacardi. I also drink beer on occasion.

    8. Made your first move

    I made my first move in reconciliation with my ex. I even court him when we were in a relationship back then. I send him gifts.

    9. Challenge yourself

    I booked another flight to singapore, malaysia, hongkong and macau this vacation. It’s a lot of money and yes I challenge myself to tour around asia this 2015.

    10. Take a roadtrip

    I did a roadtrip with my friends in tagaytay, al khobar and dammam.

    11. Try a nice restaurant by yourself

    I always write a list of restaurants to visit. I make it sure that I will be able to eat in that place even alone.

    12. Live somewhere else

    I’m currently living in Riyadh. I was living before in Amman, Jordan.

    13. Learn to drive manual

    I’m taking a driving lesson manual and not automatic.

    14. Find a new show

    I was hooked in How I met your mother and Game of thrones. I watched all of them.

    15. Get fit

    I go to gym whenever I’m free.

    16. Build something with your hands

    I create a table designs.

    17. Stay up until the sunrise

    I’m always working at night so yeah I’ve been doing this for 1 1/2 years now.

    18. See your favorite artist live

    I watched a1 when I was in highschool (corny me)

    19. Make a list of books to read and then read them all.

    I buy a books and download few ebooks to read on my free time.

    20. Learn to fight

    I almost punch my co-workmates when he pissed me of. I slap a girl when I was in elementary. Over all I learned how to fight when I’m right. I learned karate when I was in high school.

    21. Volunteer

    I was a member of Girl Scouts of the Philippines and we have an outreach program every december.

    22. Try a new hobby

    I bought my first SLR and tried photography. I upgraded my camera to Canon Eos 60D.

    23. Apply for your dream job

    I’m now a nurse.

    24. Keep a journal

    I have my diary before and build a new blog to write down my thoughts.

    25. Have a long conversation with a stranger

    I always talk to strangers whenever I’m alone. We even shared the story of our lives.

    26. Do something crazy and spontaneous

    I think chasing a guy when I was so young and stupid.

    27. Get to know yourself

    I start to love myself.