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This is so exciting for me because it’s been a while since I stopped blogging. I don’t know but I have this feeling to get back to blogging all of a sudden. I hope that is a good sign and I do hope you agree with that. I was looking around, checking my good old friends in blogging on how they are now and it’s good to see that some of them is still updating their website. I was then inspired to officially open the Jeniffer Antonio- A lifestyle blog. No more drama or whatsoever. My new blog will consist of purely my personal lifestyle, food critique, restaurant hopping, place’s I’ve been to, make up, and some gorgeous female stuff. It’s gonna be a totally makeover of how I used to blog before.


I just want to say thank you to my host and for the domain freehostia . I hope that our relationship will last and I will have a very supportive host. I’m kinda struggling to remember how to create my own theme, so for now I’m going to use a premade theme which is available in studiomommydesign. I do hope in time, I’ll figure it out again how to create my own layout, which I do love doing before. It’s too early to launch my site and yet I want to have my very first entry which is the day I purchased the domain. Yeah I’m just the excited kid. Whatever you called that.So yeah for now, there is nothing to look around except for the awkward picture of mine on the sidebar lol. I’m still busy with some education and training stuff at work and I hope I will have time to update this blog in the coming weeks, months and years.
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