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IMG_1304Hey it’s already July! I can’t believe how fast the month was. I was not able to update this blog due to my travels and workload. It’s too sad I can’t manage to update my blog often, however I’ll try to keep up with you guys. I just wan’t to say that I’m back from work and I really had fun travelling to places. As promise I will help you to become a better traveler. I myself is not a newbie in travelling since I’ve been travelling at the age of 22 years old. So I will try my best to give the best information to places I’ve been to.

Last week, a friend of mine send me a message on how to go to Jordan. Like not all of you know, I work there for 2.8 years as a nurse. I really had a memorable experience working there. He is asking me if I can make an itinerary on how to visit the place. However that is easy to say but hard to do. Why? I myself can’t even update this blog often so how I can make one for him right? so what I will do now is to try my best to make a complete set of itinerary per country I’m visiting. So check it out for that. You might be interested to learn how easy to make one for yourself and not even asking me to do it for you lol. Traveling is easy making your plans is the hardest part. You really need to pay attention and learn how to use the technology and ofcourse the GOOGLE MAP.

So just sit there and relax. I’ll see you around very soon.

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