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Hello 2017.

This is so frustrating and disappointing on my part. I felt stupid by always trying to promise to myself that I’m going to be an active blogger again.How many times did I say that to myself? Oh well, enough is enough. Today I renewed my domain for another year. I received a message before hand alarming me that my domain is about to expired. I tried to disregard the message and said to myself “No I’m not going to renew this blog ever again” but after I received the message today that my website is closed. I felt guilty. I don’t know but this blog is so precious to me. Not because this is my first blog and you know that I was a blogger more than a decade now. But this blog is the new beginning of my everything. This blog reminds me to start again from scratch and lift myself after all the downfall in my life. That is so dramatic of me but that is fact. I tried to rebuild a new me by creating a blog with full of life. My real interest and my passion.


I love travelling, cooking, shopping and eating. Those are my guilty pleasures. I don’t care if you will judge for being me. I want to live my life and I’m living my dream. Everyone is capable of doing whatever they want and I’m doing what I want. So this blog is so precious that if I’m going to let it go… it’s like I have to start all over again.


I do hope that once in a while I will be able to update this blog in no time and to catch up with you guys! Let me know what is going on with you? I’m quite excited to hear from you. I will try to share with you more of my travels and if you don’t hear from me please follow me on twitter or instagram.

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  • Reply Dianne

    Yaaaayy! I’m glad that you renewed this domain and continued blogging here. Most bloggers experience this phase when we just get tired of the usual blogging routine we do, but a blogger is always a blogger, do you agree? I can’t count how many times I went on a blogging break. For me, that’s okay. I mean, let’s be easy on ourselves. I’m hoping to read more of your post soon sis! Whatever it is, just blog! :)

    March 17, 2017 at 2:47 pm
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