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Easter Sunday at Fuddruckers Sahara Mall Riyadh Review

Hello guys! It’s Happy Easter Sunday and yes indeed the God has risen. It’s a traditional occasion for Christians to celebrate Holy Week and the last of it is what we called “Easter Sunday or Resurrection day”. Me and my friends from the other local hospital meet up to join for a small feast day at fuddruckers at Sahara Mall in Riyadh, KSA. We ordered a variety of foods from steak to grilled seafood and bottomless ice tea which we all do love isn’t it?

First on the dinner menu is we want some grilled steak because that what is Fuddruckers is all about. They are known for their burgers and steak so we shouldn’t missed to order that. We ordered Rib eye steak with rice and some veggies on the side dish. Were not on a diet so rice is just fine.


Bone-In Rib-eye steak(For all steak lovers out there, a 396 grams steak with a bone in, grilled to your taste and marinated with Fuddruckers spices) Rate: 5/10

Well the steak is easy to cut into pieces and it’s juicy but I think it’s not well marinated because the flavour doesn’t stick much on it. However it’s best to eat that with butter which they served together to remove the after taste of the beef itself. Unfortunately we don’t like the rice because it’s the traditional basmati arab rice and were not used to it. Veges are well cooked but I’m just the only one who eat it because eyah doesn’t like veges.


Aioli Fish & Shrimp (Fish fillet grilled and marinated with special spices, with sauteed shrimps. Served with steamed vegetables and your choice of: baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, sweet corn, Fuddruckers wedges, or French fries, with garlic toast) Rate: 7/10

Donna ordered for aioli fish and shrimp! definitely best deal for diet people and vegetarians. However the fish is a bit salty but it’s well combined with mustard so it’s just fine. I’m debating to myself if the shrimp is fresh or over frozen because I don’t get the taste of shrimp in there. However I guess I ate much of the fish and the mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes is winner! I don’t like mashed potatoes but this one is so good! like can I have more?


Chicken Quesadillas (Cajun grilled chicken strips with sauteed fried onions, a mixture of green and red peppers, cheese mix, fresh green onion pieces. Served in a delicious tortilla with guacamole, Pico de Gallo, and sour cream sauce) Rate: 6/10

I ordered for Chicken Quesadillas as part of our opening appetizers. I like how soft to bite the chicken quesadillas topped with avocadoes and sour cream sauce. Guacamole is an avocado-based dip that began with the Aztecs in Mexico. It’s part of the mexican cuisine. Pico de gallo is a fresh, uncooked salad made from chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, fresh serranos, salt, and key lime juice. All these are perfect mexican delicacy. (wikipedia for the description of Pico de gallo and Guacamole).


Fresh fried Calamares (Squid with creamy garlic dip) Rate: 8/10

As we sat on our table, the Filipino guy offered us to tried their new appetizer Calamares. The first time we thought it’s too traditional and nothing is new about it. But we still give it a try. I guess the one you didn’t expect won over the 3 main dishes we ordered. It disappear from the table in a seconds. I couldn’t describe how it went but maybe because were all hungry and this is the first thing they served– it all goes to our hungry stomach right away. There is no really special thing about it like I said. It is the taste of the traditional filipino cuisine which makes it friendly over our mouth and hungry stomach.

Over all, Fuddruckers is a nice place to hangout with your friends and have a good time. It’s worth it.

Visit them at:
Sahara Mall,King AbdulAziz Rd Al Mursalat Riyadh
telephone: 011-4520670

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