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A glimpse of Singapore: First day


I’ve always wanted to travel around asia since I’ve been traveling in the middle east part already. I wanted to see what made me Filipino different from the other asian cultures. I wanted to see how they live and of course trying their foods and exploring their famous places. One in my bucket list is Singapore. They said Singapore is one of the cleanest country that you can be proud of. It’s not just a rumour but it’s the truth. The country is very strict in their policies and of course who would like to pay 1000 Singaporean dollars that is equivalent to 721.06 US dollars as of today. That is way too much for a simple candy wrapper, so it’s no harmed to follow the rules right?.



IMG_1511I made my own itinerary and I studied the place before I step my foot in Singapore. Luckily I have a friend of mine Donna who is working in Security Forces Hospital and is also on her way for vacation same date as mine. So after she went to dubai for 5 days, we met at the airport terminal 3(international flight) in the Philippines on April 21, 2015. We choose Philippine Airline for this trip and the plane departed at 15:00pm. We go straight to Singapore with our small luggage and the travel begins. I was her unprofessional tour guide for 5 days. We arrived at 18:00pm in Changi International Airport. We went in the basement through lift where passengers need to transfer to the west bound train at Tanah Merah train station. In this part we purchased EZ-LINK that cost 50 SD and it’s reloadable. We failed to know that there is this unlimited tourist ticket, more of that in this website, THESINGAPORETOURISTPASS . IMG_1512

If your a reader of my blog, I’ve already mention before that as much as possible I will choose the cheapest hotel, since I’m not a person who stays in the hotel for the whole day. Hotel for me is a just a resting place and to leave my belongings. The very good thing about singapore is that they have a what we called “Backpackers hostel” that is made available to those group of people who wants to stay in a small dormitory for a very affordable price. I choose 5footwayin Project Boat. It is located in Clarke Quay. It’s a dormitory room with free wifi and free breakfast.I will tell you more of that in my hotel reviews.

IMG_6032We don’t have much time left, so we just ate our dinner since both of us are very hungry. We go to this restaurant name VIET PHO a Vietanamese Cuisine. It is just a few walk from our dormitory. I will review their food in my next food travel blog. IMG_1531

After we ate our first dinner in Singapore, We walk around the Clarke quay. I can say that it is like the riverbanks in the Philippines or the Roxas boulevard. The place is really a best place to chill out with friends late at night. I recommend that you booked your stay in Clarke Quay to any near hotel around the place. I’ll guarantee that you will have a good time.

IMG_1632We drink a glass of Strawberry Margarita and Chivas Regal with the sounds of this Filipino band performing modern songs like “move like a jagger” at highlanders bar. We saw a lot of foreigners drinking and smoking the place. IMG_1633

After a small chat with my friend donna, we left the place at around 1am and then we when back to our dormitory to sleep and prepare ourselves for the next day. The 2nd day will be in my next blog.

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