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(Photo taken in Aqaba Beach Jordan, November 2012)
Hey guys! I know I’m maybe unknown creature to you. Like as if you care to know about me. But let me tell you the uninteresting things about the writer of this blog which is me (you don’t have a choice). Some of you might say “d’hell? why 50? that’s too much”. Well basically I also had no idea why I have to describe myself to you in 50. Now that’s introduction is starting to bored you eh? let’s get it on!

1. I love archie.

2. I’m weird. I talk to myself all the time and argue with the second me inside. I have to discussed things to my other half and if we both agree then will do it. Otherwise nothing will be done.

3. I always look to someones outfit and if I got a chance, I will try to see what brand he/she is wearing. By then I will know what is their fashion statement.

4. I love watching horror movies alone. I don’t make awkward screaming like other girls. I composed myself every time I feel like the ghost will come out anytime soon.

5. I’m boyish at heart. I love boy stuffs. I do support guys playing computer games, watching basketball and baseball. I don’t argue with whatever hobbies they have in life.

6. I’m a self confessed shopaholic. I love branded clothes, bags, shoes etc. I’m not proud of it.

7. I’m a traveler. So far I’ve been to Jordan, Riyadh, Al khobar, Bahrain border, Dammam, Qatar, Dubai, Abu dhabi, Singapore, Egypt, Hongkong, Macau, Mumbai India, Thailand.

8. I don’t save money for the future. I need to change my lifestyle.

9. I sing a lot, like everyday in the bathroom.

10. I play guitar since I was in my 4th year Highschool.

11. I eat too much rice than viand.

12. I’m blogging since I was 1st year highschool.

13. I’m crazy like I mean, I do crazy stuffs that you never thought I will do.

14. My favorite brands are Zara, Forever 21, Mango, Pull and bear, Suiteblanco, Stradivarius, Bershka, H&M and Banana Republic.

15. I dream to learned how to play drums.

16. I’m very messy person. Whenever I grab something, it will not be returned in the same place.

17. I can’t sleep without a rough blanket.

18. I have migraine, arthritis and dysmenorhea.

19. I’m the only daughter.

20. I want to own a dog and a cat. But I can’t because I’m living in a condo where pets are not allowed.

21. I worked in Amman, Jordan after passing the licensure exam in nursing. A fresh graduate.

22. My first choice course are Tourism and Broadcast Communication (Journalism) in University of Sto. Tomas. I want to become a flight attendant or a newscaster in the television. My mom doesn’t like it though.

23. I’m very funny in person. I have a a very good sense of humor with the few people who know me well.

24. I’m a foodie. I love trying everything. I love italian and korean cuisine.

25. I’m very techy person.

26. I love cars, bikes and planes.

27. I love cooking but I’m not really that expert.

28. I don’t like pink colors. I love neutral colors. black, white, gray, blue and brown.

29. I’m comfortable of wearing flat shoes rather than heels.

30. I’m not a fan of sweet foods. I like everything that is salty.

31. I’m not afraid of cockroaches. I even chased them and kill them with my sleepers.

32. I don’t like small kids. I get easily fed up. Probably that will change if I have my own babies in the future.

33. I love sneakers shoes.

34. I’m a very sensitive person but I won’t show it to you. I will pretend like I don’t get it.

35. I have my mood swings where I feel like I’m into something right now.. as in right now.. I have to do it or else..

36. I feel like my mom is still alive like she never leave me.

37. I love taking pictures of myself if I’m wearing good clothes. If not then I won’t take a pic.

38. I don’t wear same clothes like thrice in a year. It took another year for me to wear that clothes or maybe never.

39. I love reading books in a long day offs and watching tv series.

40. I hate copycat people. Like can’t you have originality sometimes? why so trying hard right?

41. I love sleeping. Like I can sleep 14 hours in a day.

42. My favorite movies are sci-fi, horror, psychological movie, history and cartoons.

43. I was forced to read when I was in highschool the books of Anne frank, The old man and the sea, The pearl, Christmas carol, Pusong walang pagibig, Dekada 70, Ang maganak na cruz, Canal de la reina, hamlet, The scarlet letter, Ang tondo man may langit din and more old classic reads.

44. I love ointments for pain killer. I love applying them before I sleep. Lola mode.

45. I’m writing stories since I was grade 3.

46. My last Christmas and New year in the Philippines was 2009.

47. I once dream to become an actress or a model.

48. I’m very pessimistic person.

49. I have honors when I graduated.

50. I studied french for 2 months at Alliance francaise.

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